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Hello, kind readers! Welcome to this blog dedicated to inspiring kindness within children.  We hope that parents and teachers alike will find it uplifting and useful.

The aim of this platform is to curate a space where tales of compassion find a home and thrive.
In this space you can expect to find stories. A lot of stories!

We simply love stories. We find it the best way to impart the essence of what kindness truly means in our world. 

We will also be exploring the "building blocks" of kindness for our kiddies: empathy, generosity, forgiveness and gratitude. 

I was fortunate to be raised in a family that prioritized compassion above being right. I grew up in a bustling household with six siblings, and while there were times of disagreement, love and encouragement came first. We embraced kindness within our family culture, and my sister Michelle and I hope to pass it on. 

For me what sets kindness apart is its simplicity and inclusivity. It refuses to be confined by demographics—age, race, or societal standing. Kindness speaks a global tongue, bridging divides and uniting communities.

It serves as a gentle nudge, a simple reminder of our shared humanity and the extraordinary influence we possess to better each other's lives.

In a world often filled with competition, disregard, and flat out meanness, kindness emerges as a beacon that helps us to find a better way. 

So let’s spread it together, starting with the little acts of kindness, emanating from one KIND KID at a time.


Lorie Atkinson and Michelle Young